San Diego Seminole Club

WANTED: Enthusiastic Volunteers who Bleed Garnet and Gold

We are currently in need of new board members and other volunteers to help run our club and provide fun events for our members year round. You may be familiar with what we do as a club to support our area Seminoles, but in case you are not, here’s a brief summary.

· We are the official representatives of the FSU Alumni Association for the San Diego region, and we are all volunteers.
· With the Los Angeles Seminole Club we administer a scholarship for Southern California freshmen attending Florida State.
· Every March we participate in Seminole Service Day along with all the other Seminole clubs and chapters throughout the country.
· Each summer we host a Seminole Send Off for area students attending FSU. This year’s was a crawfish boil at Liberty Station.
· Each summer we also host a kickoff party prior to football season. This year’s was at Striders.
· We host football viewing parties at 3 locations throughout San Diego for each game.
· Most years we send at least 1 board member (some expenses paid) to Tallahassee in April for Club Leadership Weekend, which usually coincides with the Garnet and Gold game.
· We have hosted various other events such as Meet and Greet with Buster Posey, San Diego Seminole Night at the Gulls hockey game, barbecues, a day at the Del Mar racetrack and more.

We have 3-4 meetings a year, and the overall time commitment for a board member is minimal unless you spearhead a specific event or project (which is always appreciated). Even then, there are plenty of hands to help out and spread the load.

We have a specific need come January 2018 for someone with a financial background (and preferably experience with QuickBooks) to take over for our outgoing Club Treasurer (an officer position which does require membership in the FSU Alumni Association). If you or any San Diego Seminole you know would be interested in helping us out with the treasurer position specifically, please let us know right away. We can get you the necessary training via Tallahassee to step into that role early next year. If numbers aren’t your thing but you want to get involved, we need you, too!!

I hope you will consider joining us as a Seminole Club leader in San Diego. You can let us know you are interested via email to or message us via Facebook.

Thanks for helping us stay classy, San Diego Seminoles!

Jeanette Jungreis
President, San Diego Seminole Club